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玉山印象---玉山圓柏 Jade Mountain Impression---Juniperus squamata

Jade Mountain Impression---Juniperus squamata

Imperturbable like jade, righteousness like mountain

Elevation nearly 4000 meters, Jade Mountain is covered by snow nearly 4 months every year. Jade Mountain is not only the summit of all surrounding mountains, it’s also the cradle of the three main rivers on the island - Zhoushu River, Liaolong River and Nanzin Cen River. Being the summit of East-North Asia, Jade Mountain has combined myth and geographical features and the most completed ecosystem with many animals and plants.

“玉山不僅是台灣的心靈故鄉, 玉山圓柏更是盆栽家師法對象.”
Jade Mountain is not only the soul of Taiwan; Juniperus squamata is also the role model of the Bonsai artists.

玉山 - 冬天白雪覆蓋處遍佈玉山圓柏
Jade Mountain – Juniperus squamata is covered by the snow in the winter (Full Page Image).

雲深不知處,峭壁千刃的斷崖, 蘊育無數玉山圓柏.
Numerous Juniperus squamanta survive in the high-altitude clouds and in thousands of cliff edges.

玉山主峰下(3800m), 玉山圓柏群聚.
Juniperus squamanta grow as a group under the highest peak of the Jade Monutain (about 3800m elevation).

Juniperus squamanta grow as a group next to the hiking trail.

步移景異”, 同一株樹在不同角度展現不同美感.
Different views that shows the beauty of the tree.

Sights you could see in the mountain.

Tree with few branches (Bun Jin Tree) grow in the mountain wall.

尋訪玉山圓柏從最初級的合歡山, 當天可來回. 中級的玉山、雪山,  3 4天的行程. 最壯觀最具可看性的自生地在南湖大山, 未回最少8

Juniperus squamanta:
Taiwan's highest elevation tree, growth height of about 3200 ~ 3990 meters above sea level. You could see them in the 37 mountains over 3400 meters. Among which the Jade Mountain, Snow Mountain, Hsiukuluan Mountain, Mabolasi Mountain, Nanhu Mountain, Central Mountain has the most intensive distribution. Looking for Juniperus squamata in Hehuan Mountain could return the same day and it is the easiest level. Jade Mountain and Snow Mountain are the mid level and could return in 3 to 4 days. The hardest level but the most spectacular is the Nanhu Mountain and need at least 8 days.

Juniper Restyle 

A: 改作前先檢視各面优缺點
Side A: Review the advantages and short comings before conversion.

Side B

Side C

Side D

向左傾斜約30, 明顯露出主幹. 可是主幹彎曲呈等比線.
30 degree to the left to show the main branch and it shows geometric line.

主幹左傾90, 盆面左移25. 主幹線條轉趨流暢. 新正面的選擇, 須運用視覺技巧, 滆和美學觀念, 參透植物生理和農業經驗. 事關成敗, 不得不慎.
90 degree to the left and the pot is moved 25 degree to the left. Main branch turned into a smooth line. Choose the new front face. It requires the use of visual skills, plant physiology and agricultural experience. This is related to the success or failure and needs to be careful.

Fixed with triangular block.

Review from every angle.

Trimmed the right side of the branches.

Sawed the upper thick and straight branches.

剪掉上半部大部份粗枝, 保留往下的垂枝. 意圖塑造玉山印象.
Cut most of the upper branches and keep that hanging down to present Jade Mountain impression.

彫刻上半部粗枝, 將下垂技往上揚, 頂冠的枝往下垂.
Engraving upper branches and bend up the branches that are hanging down.

第一階段改作完畢,保留原盆的土, 移到另一培養盆.
Completed the first stage conversion. Keep the soil in the original pot and move to another cultivation pots.

F18 22
磚塊頂住背面, 協助穩定. 保留根群, 等新盆的根群拙壯.
Support the back of the tree with a block for stability. Keep the roots and wait for the roots to grow in the new pot.

Upper front.

Rear illustration.

 2007 11/19
經過7個月, 樹勢再度強健. 準備再次造形.
Tree turn strong again after 7 months and ready to form a new style.

1, 將低於盆面的枝往上90. 轉折造成破裂的枝幹以紅色膠帶保護.
2, 樹冠的枝往下調.
1.     Bend 90 degree up on the branches that lower than the pot. Use red tape to protect the broken branches due to the bending.
2.     Bend down the branches that are on the tree top.

裸露的根群遂漸弱化, 下面盆裡遂漸強化.
Exposed roots getting weak and the roots inside the pot are getting strong.

Preparing old kiln transformation.

Remove exposed roots.

蓋上厚厚的布, 並移到半陰處.
這是很危險的移植, 至少有2個月的危險期, 須小心照顧.
Covered with thick cloth and moved to partial shade.
This is very dangerous transplantation with at least 2 months critical phase and requires good care.

Successfully transplant the tree.
1, 拿掉紅色膠帶.
2, 塑造成上` ` 三大葉團. 靠近盆面大區塊最大, 並成左``後等三葉團, 營造下墜的氣勢, 表現真柏強韌不屈的精神.
3, 枝幹或直墜而下或回眸而後,若隱若現似斷還續, 試圖讓視焦上下左右到處遊移.
4, 加大葉團空間, 多一點點留白多一些想像空間.
1.     Remove the red tape.
2.     Build upper, middle and lower leaf groups. The closer to the pot the bigger the session and form left, middle and rear sessions of leaf groups to create drop momentum.
3.     Branches look like falling straight down or look back then, looming like a broken also continued.
4.     Enlarge the space of leaf groups. A little bit more space more imagination.

Conversion at fall.

Cover all leaf groups with cloth.

Wash the branches with high-pressure washer.

After the cleaning.

Move to the new pot.

Once again refined.

經過二年八個多月的改作, 呈現出玉山印象”.
每次看到這作品, 就憶起2003年攀爬玉山的豪氣.
Works after 2 years 8 months show the “Jade Mountain Impression”. This finished product reminds me the time when I climbed on the Jade Mountain back in 2003.

Partial illustration.